For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. —Romans 15:4

Saturday, July 4, 2009

He Owns my Dog

Psalm 50:8-10
8 I do not rebuke you for your sacrifices
or your burnt offerings, which are ever before me.
9 I have no need of a bull from your stall
or of goats from your pens,
10 for every animal of the forest is mine,
and the cattle on a thousand hills.

We used to sing a chorus at camp that went something like, "He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, the wealth in every mine, He owns the ridges and the rocks and rills, the sun and stars that shine..." I may not have all the words right but the gist of the song says that God owns it all, everything. He owns you and me and all that surrounds us. We may think we own our home, our car, our children, even our dog. But the truth is, God owns it all.

Even though he owns everything, he shares it with us. He trusts us to take care of the gifts he gives. In prayer lift up everything to him with thanksgiving and he will bless you.

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